First Thoughts of January, 2016

The hardest thing in life is desire for the truth; the need for truth. What is false, or what is pretense, doesn’t serve you and has an unknown, finite life expectancy. When it comes to the quality of endurance, you can only count on the truth.

The reason this is hard is that along with the desire for truth often comes the desire for beauty. That is, you desire the truth, but also that the truth be beautiful.

Yet you have no control over this. In reality, truth is often uglier, dirtier or more painful than you hope or wish it to be. Your wish that it possess beauty can never have any effect on the nature of truth.; and you possess, in equal measure, desire for disparate things.

If truth and beauty were analogous, without a strong tendency towards disparity, then truth would be easy.

You know that you cannot walk on the thin ice of what is fake and dishonest, but to walk on the muddy shore is unappealing. It takes a certain strength to commit to the potential of that mud and mess. Yet however unappealing, its foundation is solid. And it’s not always muddy, either. It has its season. Walk away from the thin ice of the lie. You can never feel truly secure there, because even while you enjoy the beautiful skating feeling, the pleasure of that moment, that extended moment, you know what is beneath. You know it can crack and fall away at any moment, and all you thought you had, or knew, will be gone.

Apply this to your relationships. Let go of those built on lies and complicity and dirty secrets. Connect where there is truth, vision, authenticity. Stand where you don’t have to pretend. It’s not easy…but it is solid, enduring and, even in its most challenging, painful moments, it is where hope thrives. You may not see it, but its door is always open to the potential for something beautiful.

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