December, 2017


From time to time, I revisit this poem of mine. I wrote it once as I was looking towards growth, to announce, you might say, my departure from the place where I’d been stranded. Today it is here to announce a return. To this space. A place that is wholly mine,  a place from which to reach you, to reach out to you. Perhaps I’ve been stranded away from here for awhile, unable to get back and come in. Yet I’m here now, and this small offering is for you, and me and all of us. It’s been a hard week in our shared place on the planet, and much has been taken; but let’s set out, maybe alone, maybe together, and do our best to find each other and others like us  who value, above all else, what is true, and real, and unfabricated. Not seeking comfort, but reality; and collectivity.

For us:

You cannot stay
at the sweet oasis
cannot carry away
more than the memory
of its shade
and a handful of fragrant almonds.
There is more to be traveled.

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