Links, Acknowledgments, Credits

First and foremost, I’d like to thank the witty and fabulous Jim Bertrand for creating and managing this website. In so doing, he’s helped me to fulfill a wish to connect and communicate with my broader community. I can’t thank him enough!

Keep checking back – I have many people to thank.

The quilt Mariana, Mother, River (in sections as well as in its entirety) and all other original art on this site is the sole creation of Nina Adel unless otherwise credited.

Here are some links to the pages of artists, musicians, thinkers and creators whose work I admire, and of those who work in the world in a supporting, illuminating and uplifting capacity:

Deborah Keenan’s web site,

Nancy Peske’s web site and Nancy’s blog,

and in case you have any monsters you’d care to illuminate, visit the
Portuguese artisan Ponto LX on Facebook.

Keep checking back here, too – I have many wonderful people to promote!

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