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The Safe Places

What occupied my dreamingin the crabapple tree inthe grove above the lake? in the dark closets of my mother’sattic, the pieces of her purple riverdress taken one tornsquare at a time for the tinytalismans of myhappiness in the Brigadoon under the bedappearing onlywith the trundle pulledaway, myvaporizedescape dream unrecoverable under the camp pine tree in […]

Castles Crumble

We believe the simplest things. The leaf will land unblemished on the earth. The neighbor, whose front yard flowers and reaches outward from so many beds of color, will welcome our arrival to this street, return our optimistic waving.  The driver ahead, turning, will alert us his departure from the road while the one behind […]


a babywas found between the wooden shardsbeneath walls in ruinsperched in irrational safetyon a blue bucket over traces of oceanin a teddy bear suitblinking and cold and living an ancient manwas foundon a roof on the surface of the oceanprotected by the inverted realityof the house he’d builtexpecting water from aboveas his adversary a jailed […]


I want to know why I love the sweet, broken ones the sunselects and burns awaysegmentsof the aggregate fruit I cannot throw awaythe last blackberry,hold it, bleedingin my palm.ease awaythe ruined drupelets.guardthe raw remainsin my mouth as if my tonguecould heal a fruit of nature loving, this way,one isolated berrycould revive its far-gone cells the […]